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Carpeting needs to be cleaned annually to maintain its pristine appearance and ensure a long life. Regular professional care removes dirt before it becomes embedded in the fibers, from which it can no longer be removed. Soiled carpets can also pose a health hazard as they easily harbor bacteria, dust, and other allergens.
Using professional equipment and cleaning agents, we effectively remove dust and almost all possible dirt from carpeting - shoe marks, cosmetics, food stains, coffee, wine, ink, felt-tip pens and urine. As a result, the carpeting regains its bright colors, the pile is lifted and elastic, and the air in the room is filled with freshness!
Discounts for regular customers!
Take advantage of a 5% discount on repeat orders
Safe cleaning agents
No harm to adults, children, pets or the environment - we use certified cleaning products that are safe to use at home
Professional equipment
Nothing to jeopardize the integrity and appearance of your carpet - we work with professional equipment that effectively but gently cleans your carpet.
We only use...
Special conditions for commercial organizations:
Cleaning cost:
$0.18 - $0.36 per square foot. The exact cost depends on the degree of soiling and the material of the carpet.
cafes, restaurants, fitness centers, hotels, offices, movie theaters
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Мастер осматривает изделие и подбирает наиболее эффективные средства.
Если материал требует деликатную чистку, он делает тест на небольшом участке, чтобы не испортить обивку.
Мастер наносит на мебель раствор, который расщепляет стойкие загрязнения.
Затем наносит пятновыводители на сложные пятна.
Мастер промывает остатки грязи и ополаскивает мебель специальным раствором, который удаляет все химические вещества.
Благодаря этому, мебель быстрее сохнет, а вы легче дышите.
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