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Modern standards of cleanliness
Upholstered furniture cleaning
Заказать чистку
Give a second life to your furniture
Cleaning services to your home or office. Night and weekend visits are available
We use only detergents and stain removers of Chemspech, TMF brands that are safe for humans and pets.
Best prices on the market
Payment only upon completion of work
Comprehensive cleaning of furniture: dusting and removing small debris from crevices, cleaning and wiping drawers.
The result of the work is not only external cleanliness, but really clean outside and inside upholstered furniture.
Special conditions for commercial organizations: cafes, restaurants, fitness centers, hotels, offices, cinemas
Двухместный диван

Химчистка (Chemical cleaning) - $ 150 - 200
Профилактическая чистка пароэкстрактором (Steam cleaning)* - $ 100
*Preventive cleaning is carried out in order to maintain cleanliness when there are no stains on the product, but it is necessary to clean dust in the upholstery fabric.
  • Dry cleaning of items with delicate fabrics (silk, velvet, velour, tapestry) is paid with a coefficient of 1.5.
  • Leather furniture is paid with coefficient 1,5.
  • The cost of cleaning non-standard and / or exclusive furniture can be estimated by the master at the inspection.
  • Application of oil and water repellent impregnation is charged with a coefficient of 1.5.
Discounts for regular customers!
Take advantage of a 5% discount on repeat orders
Step 1
The master examines the product and selects the most effective means. If the material requires delicate cleaning, he makes a test on a small area, so as not to spoil the upholstery.
Step 2
The master applies to the furniture a solution that breaks down stubborn dirt. Then he applies stain removers on difficult stains.
Step 3
The craftsman rinses off the remaining dirt and rinses the furniture with a special solution that removes all the chemicals. Thanks to this, the furniture dries faster and you breathe easier.
The order of work in three steps:
Vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning
hot solution extractor with a set of special nozzles
Tools for removal of difficult stains
Professional tools and chemicals are used in the work
Chemistry: Chemspech, TMF
Steam extractor
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